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About Us

All the things about getting a car that frustrate you, frustrate us, too. So, we created the company we wanted to be a customer of. We took a process that hasn’t changed much in decades and reimagined it from scratch. And we’re constantly challenging ourselves to make it even better.

GO is a simpler and more affordable alternative to traditional car ownership.

We removed all the annoying things about car shopping that add cost with no value. No brick and mortar. No massive overhead. No long price negotiations. No hidden fees. Then we incorporated a proprietary system that combines technology, data science and fleet management to increase efficiency and reduce cost. The result: Get your next car in less time and for less money than you’ve ever experienced before.

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GO is led by a group of former executives from marketing & advertising, automotive, car rental, dealers, and startups.

GO is currently available in the following markets and their surrounding areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Northern New Jersey, Orlando and Philadelphia.

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