how go works

How GO Works

The right car for you is just 4 simple steps away

Get a car in minutes versus hours

Your car just 4 simple steps away

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Select your car

Choose a car and how much you’ll be driving it.

Take your pick from the most popular models, colors and configurations. We make sure all our cars come at a mid-trim level, so no flashy useless extras pushing up the cost.

Estimate your monthly miles between 833, 1000 or 1250 per month, (that’s equivalent to 10k, 12k or 15k per year). It’s $0.25 per mile if you go over your estimate, or if you stay under it, any miles you don’t use will roll over into your next month.

Validate your ID

You let us know a little about yourself, we run a couple of checks

Fill out some basic information, upload a photo of your driver’s license and send us a selfie. Absolutely all of your personal information is kept safe, secure and will never be sold.

We carry out a soft credit check (which doesn’t impact your credit score) and we run a driving record evaluation. These are just to make sure you’re eligible.

Get Insured

Arrange your insurance through our GO policy with our tried and trusted insurance provider, making sure you’re properly covered.

Our insurance provider’s rates are based on things like your location, age and your driving record. We’re pleased to say they usually either match or come under the majority of personal auto policies.

Our customers in Florida can choose to either be insured through our policy or use your current personal auto policy.

Delivered to your driveway

Choose when your car arrives

Pick a day and a time you’d like your car to be delivered. Delivery is totally free within 50 miles of the major international airports in our markets. We can still deliver your car to your door even if you live further than 50 miles away, there will just be a fee.

GO vs car ownership

GO pioneered car subscription 2.0 to provide you the best car for the lowest payment

No down payment
No depreciation risk
Includes registration
Includes maintenance
Includes inspections
Time to order
Monthly payment

Refresh every 3 years

If you need to return your car sooner or switch to a different one, simply give us 30 days’ notice and the $999 restocking fee. This is waived if you keep it for 3 years (the maximum term).

All cars include

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Full Factory Warranty

If something goes wrong, it’s covered. Plus, you’re the first customer to ever drive it.

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Included in your monthly payment. This saves you $20-$30 per month.

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Title and Registration

No fees or trips to the DMV. This saves you $1000s per year and hours of hassle.

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Annual Inspections

If required by the state, simply take it in and the cost is on us.

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Roadside Assistance

24/7/365 assistance should you have any issues on the road.

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Free delivery

Within 50 miles.

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